Nutrients and Nutrition Sciences Research eConference

NutriSciRes-eCon2023 (Edition1)

22 May 2023 (London GMT+1) and 23 May 2023 (Tokyo GMT+9)

Nutrition, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Foods, Phytochemicals and Human Health, Nutrigenetics, Metabolism, Clinical Nutrition & more.


Welcome From The Conference Secretariat


Dear Colleagues,

The Research Catalyst is privileged to organize the Nutrients and Nutrition Sciences Research eConference (NutriSciRes-eCon2023 (Edition1)) to be held during  May 22, 2023(London GMT+1) & May 23, 2023(Tokyo GMT+9) Online. The conference aims at sharing new ideas, possibilities, and the latest technological advances among students, professionals, researchers, scientists, and industrialists in the field of Nutrient research for providing better solutions to everyday challenges.

NutriSciRes-eCon2023 (Edition1) provides an advanced online forum for research on Nutrients. The online conference is expected to foster oral presentations and private lounge meetings for networking among participants. The conference aims to encourage scientists to present their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible through their presentations.

The theme of the conference focuses on recent innovations and research works on nutrients and includes sessions and interactive discussions.

The conference will discuss how nutrient research helps in progress and applications in various fields of science. Major breakthroughs in these fields to raise the bar in the scientific field will be the major goal of discussions and sessions of the conference. The conference encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge across multiple disciplines of Nutrient research and includes plenary, keynote lectures, and video presentations.

We look forward to seeing you at NutriSciRes-eCon2023 (Edition1).

Kris G
Conference Secretary
The Research Catalyst


Invited speakers
Lisa Crummett

Soka University of America, USA

Abigail R Basson

Cleveland Clinic, USA

Matteo Spinelli

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy

María Jesús Leal Witt

University of Chile, Chile

Akina Osaki

Keio University, Japan


The registration fee includes access to all conference sessions, a conference participation certificate, and an abstract book (pdf).
Participation to the conference is considered final only once the registration fees have been paid. The number of participants is limited: once the number of paid registrations reaches the maximum number of participants, unpaid registrations will be canceled.

Certificate of Attendance: Upon request, the participants of the event will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance by email once the event is concluded.

Members of partnering societies will receive a 20% discount on the registration fees. For special discount and group discount requests contact the conference secretariat at:

  • The role of antioxidants in preventing chronic diseases
  • Nutritional strategies for improving brain health and cognitive function
  • Functional foods and their potential health benefits
  • The impact of dietary supplements on health outcomes
  • Nutrient bioavailability and its implications for health
  • Food fortification and its impact on nutrient intake
  • Nutritional interventions for managing and preventing obesity and metabolic disorders
  • Gut microbiome and its impact on nutrient absorption and health
  • Dietary patterns and their impact on health outcomes
  • The role of nutrition in aging and longevity
Conference Schedule

23 MAY 2023


8:00 AM

Replacing Animal Protein with Soy-Pea Protein in an " American Diet " Controls Murine Crohn Disease-Like Ileitis Regardless of Firmicutes: Bacteroidetes Ratio

by Abigail R Basson

Cleveland Clinic, USA


8:25 AM


By Lisa Crummett

Soka University of America, USA


8:50 AM

Metabolic control and Nutritional status update in Chilean cohort of Tyrosinemia type 1: follow up analysis.

By María Jesús Leal Witt

University of Chile, Chile

9:20 AM

Physiological roles of catabolism of microbial D- amino acids in the energy metabolism in mammals

By Akina Osaki

Keio University, Japan


3:30 PM

Impact Of Different Marination Methods on Physiochemical and Sensory Attributes Of Desi Chicken Meat

By Dr. Sher Ali

University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore, Pakistan


3:55 PM

The Effect of Ketogenic Diet on Shared Risk Factors of

Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

by Mehran Rahimlu

Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

4:20 PM


by Kayacan Yıldırım

ondokuz mayis university, Turkey

4:45 PM

Neural stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles: a new potential therapeutic approach to counteract insulin resistance-related cognitive deficits.

by Matteo Spinelli

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy

5:10 PM

by Ana Faustino

University of Évora, Portugal

5:35 PM

Effect of Different Processing Methods on the Nutritional Quality of Oyster Mushroom Grown on Sawdust/Rice bran Substrate Combination

by Chibuogwu Christian

University of Nigeria, Nigeria